22 July, 2016

How Many Major Changes Can I fit in 12 Months?

The marvelous +Susan Goodspeed  unknowingly from her perch in China prompted me to get busy documenting both the current and upcoming adventures.

Just three weeks ago I bought a house, the third of my very own, but first of my own in 16 years. Simultaneously moving in and renovating is never a good idea, but penny pinching Yankee that I am I refused to pay for storage and move twice, which would make four times in 12 months. So no, I'm working around, through, and on boxes.

In a mere five days I leave for the Camino de Santiago again, this time as a tourist and a hospitalera voluntaria.  My son will be at his dad's and at Boy Scout camp doing guy things. I will have a steady stream of wonderful people here to care for the dogs and the house.

Immediately following the volunteer gig, I will head to Seattle and Alaska with both kids, marking another birthday of mine, and returning just in time to the start of his 7th grade adventures.

There's one more big one: the divorce is final on July 29 and I will be whooping it up in Spain.

Stay tuned!