01 November, 2012

November Challenge 11:53 p.m. EST

The suggestion from BlogHer was a favorite quotation. One dropped into my lap from Bill Day, a friend of  Maryam Montague's "To paraphrase Sir Toby Belch in response to your critic, "Just because thou art virtuous, does not mean there shall be no more cakes and ale." You (Maryam) are the one who has pointed out on more than one occasion that in a troubled world, we should make the most of our moments of joy and beauty. We should appreciate what we have the more in the knowledge that not everyone is so fortunate, but the fact that not everyone is equally fortunate does not mean we cannot appreciate what we have. We simply have to be careful not to confuse the gifts of nature with the rewards of virtue. As for beauty, it may be superficial and ephemeral, like a spring rose, a witty phrase, or a summer breeze, but that does not make it trivial or valueless." (emphasis mine.)