17 November, 2012

If today is Saturday, then I've been in France since last Tuesday. It is all hazy, like this beautiful morning in the Chartreuse mountains.  The fog lies across the lowlands and hides the snowy mountaintops as the sun fights to burn it off.  After 24 whirlwind hours in Paris with friends and meeting the delightful Anne Ditmeyer I took the direct TGV (train a grand vitesse) to Grenoble. How wonderful to be surrounded by those beutiful peaks again! Staying with the also delightful Mickey Farrance I wake up and open the shutters to see the white cattle dotting the hillside. Heaven.

Today will be lunch, I'm hoping for truite a la meunier, a museum visit and shopping.  Possibly a walk in the clean mountain air as well. Ah, la belle France.

La Gua

View of the fort above Grenoble