05 November, 2012

A Day of reckoning draws nigh

The world is watching closely tomorrow's United State's elections. Not just for the graft and the gerrymandering and disenfranchisement of legal voters. But to see if a proven commander-in-chief and his competent secretary of state, or an inexperienced, foot-in-his-mouth Ritchie Ritch will be deciding the world's foreign party.

Locally we have a choice between a freedom-of-the-people fighter, or a man who slid in upon the death of Ted Kennedy, and has not distinguished himself. The days of the moderate republican are over, the force and abuse of power is too great.

How some politicians want women to regress.  The 47% of us.  I was just in costume, but medical care, legal rights, and more will revert to the 19th century under this devout Mormon