06 August, 2012

What Would You do if You Had a Day?

With my son off at camp ( no late night calls yet! ) I woke up with no real obligations but many intentions. Unfortunately, I became ill yesterday and had to make a doctor visit, but while in that area I left the car and walked "downtown" Orleans. I did some errands, sent my son and niece postcards at camp, sent a birthday card to Paris (Bon Ani, Sharron!) and to Maryland, bought a fabulous Guess leather coat for a song at a consignment shop, and got some bright green, orange and espresso paint for the new bath project. Random purchases but fun. I also wandered in and out of art galleries and designer clothing shops, but just to lache vitrine, or window shop.  I kept feeling guilty that I wasn't home scrubbing something.  Being a tourist at home can be very wonderful.

Hoxie Pond, Sandwich

Me, on Bike Path, Orleans
Yummy Orange! Left Bank Gallery

Hot Chocolate Sparrow goes francophone