02 August, 2012


Were I in France, I'd be preparing for the annual August exodus.  French folk from all six corners head to the mountains, seaside, or family homes for often a full month of rest and relaxation.  Something to remember is you are visiting France this month, as many attractions, restaurants and public facilities are closed or have reduced hours. You may find this frustrating, but go with the flow.

French children as young as first grade go off  for class trips, without parents, for a week in the forest camps.

Mayflower Beach, Dennis, MA c. LM
Since I live in an American vacation mecca, the rest of the world seems to come here making restaurant reservations as rare as my hens' teeth.  Although I can walk to Mayflower Beach, a stunning "10 best" beach, my travel plans include a weekend in a college dorm and a visit to the mountains.  My son and I will attend the Northeast Organic Farming Association Summer Conference in my ancestral homeland of Amherst, MA (and my graduate school alma mater.) Although our Cape Cod "farm" is 10 vegetables, four chickens, a dog and a cat I'm hoping to glean more information on sustainability. Then we will head north to Shelburne Farm Museum and the Lake Champlain region.  I realized how much I miss getting some elevation since I live at sea level.

Sète, France   c. LM
My own French vacations have included Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Sète, and more. I would dearly have liked to attend the festival in Avignon again (and again). For now, I'll hang at my "10 best" beach.

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