03 October, 2011

When Opportunity Knocks, Ouvre la Porte

Louis Pasteur said, “chance favors the prepared mind,” and I can attest that the same applies to real estate.  Not that I suggest that homes are infested with microbes or that real estate agents are amoeba, but that if you are predisposed to, say, the possibility of buying a lovely renovated home in southeast France and someone tells you it’s available, there is a confluence of “chance and the prepared mind.”

Yesterday I discovered that a home we were fortunate enough to stay in in 2009 has become available.  After leaving the relative hardship of the ferme at the Chateau de Montlaur, we were enthralled by the comforts of this home in Campagnan (34230).  Light-filled, it sits across from the ancient church and around the corner from a little shop.  There is a garden, and covered parking. Very near the lively medieval town of Pézenas, the seaside of Sète, and the large city of Montpellier it has something for everyone.  The commune has schools and a municipal swimming pool. 

The Home
See the listing agent's page, with details, here.  


 My favorite memory is of the village-wide paella celebration, complete with plein aire disco ball and unlimited paella, wine, bread and comraderie. I danced onstage with my son when his new copine would let me get on his card. 

I am not the listing broker, just filling you in, but do take a look. Buy as an investment  with family, and bring your couverts and dancing shoes.