30 September, 2011

The Glory Season

My Son Exploring the Chateau de Montlaur

Thomas prepares his first moules

While summer on Cape Cod is supposed to be the big sha-bang, it is also a perfect time to rent your own home out and get away from the hordes.  Blessed with sudden unemployment, we went to live and work at the ancient Chateau de Montlaur in Montaud, in the south east above Sète.  We brought our cat, Pearly, via Iceland, who got in a dust-up with the resident barn cats. More on that later.  We covered lots of ground throughout southern France, Spain, Andorra, and Scotland by various means of transport.  Meanwhile an Irishwoman then a Québecquois were in our house.  It was hell getting our house ready to rent.  Coming back to the Cape in early September brought us back just in time for the glory days.  That’s where we are now, with wonderful sun, clear air, and little traffic.  This weekend will be Fall for the Arts, a Cape-wide celebration.

Pearly guards the shower from scorpions