30 September, 2011

The Glory Season

My Son Exploring the Chateau de Montlaur

Thomas prepares his first moules

While summer on Cape Cod is supposed to be the big sha-bang, it is also a perfect time to rent your own home out and get away from the hordes.  Blessed with sudden unemployment, we went to live and work at the ancient Chateau de Montlaur in Montaud, in the south east above Sète.  We brought our cat, Pearly, via Iceland, who got in a dust-up with the resident barn cats. More on that later.  We covered lots of ground throughout southern France, Spain, Andorra, and Scotland by various means of transport.  Meanwhile an Irishwoman then a Québecquois were in our house.  It was hell getting our house ready to rent.  Coming back to the Cape in early September brought us back just in time for the glory days.  That’s where we are now, with wonderful sun, clear air, and little traffic.  This weekend will be Fall for the Arts, a Cape-wide celebration.

Pearly guards the shower from scorpions

29 September, 2011

Bienvenue aux voyageurs internationaux!

East Dennis Oyster Company flats, Cape Cod Bay
Hello, and welcome to my "holding page" while I figure out if I have anything to say about my home island of Cape Cod and my spiritual homeland of France, that which is not already said on facebook or twitter or linkedin or even my other blogs here or here.  Can the world stand another collection of paroles diverses concerning Parisian light, food, and dog doo?  Or still more on the dunes and dudes of Provincetown?  I am spending this year on financial, spiritual and physical recovery (as it's somebody's New Year today, I choose today as day 1) and a new creative outlet may be rather nice. Therefore, I write for myself.

I have developed some Paris/France/Francophone blogger idolations and plan to liberally share their marvelous musings, while desperately wanting to beg them for space in their chambres de bonnnes.

I have traveled extensively in France with my children, beginning in 1991 with a nine year old and most recently in 2011 with a seven year old.  You can work with that math.  So I'm equally good with playgrounds as I am at boites de jazz, and Chamonix to Marseilles.

So as I am laid up today after a rather annoying and painful procedure, I shall ponder what to say, what you may want to share with other expats who may love these two coins du monde, and gather up some fun pictures.

A note of thanks: If you share my stuff, credit me and let me know.  Merci a tout en avance.  And btw, feel free to write in French or English, but restrain from correcting my creaky written French.  I'm learning Italian but not quite there yet.

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This Weekend Cape Cod Museum of Art

Words to "I Have Two Loves" by Madeliene Peyroux, translated by "pioupiou09"